Rates & Classes 

  • First Class is ALWAYS Free for residents within a 25 mile radius of the studio.  
  • Drop-in Rate:  $12    
  • SPECIAL One Time Only:  30 Days for $30 (This pass can be saved for when the timing is good for you)
  • Monthly Unlimited Pass: $70 (Full time students and seniors $50)
  • 10 Class Pass:  $100 (5 month expiration) Earn a free class if used within 2 months.
                                  $80 over 65 and Full Time Students
  • 6 Class Pass:   $65 (3 month expiration) Earn a free class if used within 1 month.
                                 $48 over 65 and Full Time Student

Align & Flow

This class is designed to help students build a good foundation in all of the basic  Yoga postures.  It is suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike who want to refine their alignment for safety and proper posture.  Modifications for almost all postures are offered in this class.  Students need to be able to move from floor to standing with ease. 

Yoga Outside the Lines

Be prepared to lift a few weights, dance and jiggle, breath and build heat in kundalini kriyas, or just move through an unusual and creative sequence of Yoga asanas that are sure to keep your cognitive function as strong as your muscles and bones.  Every class will have a little unexpected surprise to keep you building new neural pathways in the brain.  This class is sure to add a little laughter and joy to your day.  After all, being able to laugh at one’s self is a sure sign of good mental health.  Knowledge of the basic foundational poses is helpful, but all levels are welcome to “draw outside of the lines!”

All Levels Flow

This is a light-hearted creative flow class open to everyone.  We will  move the spine in all directions, work the core, sometimes incorporating kriyas to awaken and open the energy channels of the body.  The class will end with longer holds and deeper stretching.  Modifications will be offered for most postures.  Some experience necessary. 

Vinyasa/Power Flow

Vinyasa means "to place in a special way." These classes move at a more vigorous pace.  The teacher will guide students through a "one breath, one move" format that requires a working knowledge of the basic poses.  Students will learn to link the breath to the body in movement.  75% of our toxins are released from the body through breath.  Movement and creating heat in the body,  also contribute to detoxification.  These classes build heat through movement, and include challenging postures such as arm balances and inversions.  Longer holds will be offered in the last portion of class.  Not for beginners.

Strong Slow Flow

This is a challenging class for those who have a working knowledge of the basic poses. This flow style class will include kriyas for energy body work and longer standing holds for building muscle and bone strength.  This class may include optional opportunities for arm balances and inversion postures.  Deep stretches will be made with special attention to joint integrity and stabilization.   Not for beginners.

Easy Does It Flow

This class is suited for those with osteopenia, osteoporosis, arthritis, and those who want to move slowly.  There will be a gentle, slow warm up,  followed by standing poses to build muscle and bone strength and improve balance.  There will be modifications using props to help students with injuries move through the poses in a safe way.  The last 20 minutes of the class will be on the mat for deeper stretching.  This class is great for beginners, because it moves slowly and mindfully with great attention to breath and proper alignment in the body.

Chair Yoga

This class begins and ends in a chair.  It is a carefully designed class that incorporates modifications that are safe for osteoporosis, arthritis or recovering after injury or surgery.  There will be 30 minutes of standing postures to work on balance, agility, strength and flexibility.  This is a great class for students to learn good alignment and get a mid- day refresher.  Beginners welcome!

Yoga for Lunch

This class is an all levels flow with modifications offered for those who don't want to get too sweaty before returning to work .  It's just right to rejuvenate your spirit before you head back to work, or your afternoon errands.    This class will be kept to around 50 minutes.  There are two large clean bathrooms for changing clothes.

Restorative Yoga

All levels of Yoga experience welcome.  This is a healing practice.  The body moves  into rest and digest  with prop supported postures and mindful breathing practices.  Join us for total relaxation and decompression from the busy routine of everyday life.    

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a meditative practice.   Each posture is targeted in the body from the hips to the knees and is held for more than 5 minutes.  This practice helps to release layers of embedded tension in the physical, mental, and emotional body.  The body experiences deep myofascial release, increased circulation and mobility and decreased stress levels.  This class is cancelled at this time.  It will be back on the schedule at a later date.

AM Light Lift Yoga

Check out this class using light hand weights isometrically and dynamically in  specific poses to boost your muscle strength.  Our Yoga practice develops our pushing muscles much more than our pulling muscles.  This class will help you turn on the pulling action which helps to keep the skeletal structure, muscles, and connective tissue working in harmony for more stability and strength.   Students will be  guided to maintain proper body alignment and joint integrity.  This class will include classic floor postures at the end.  This is not your mother's average Yoga class, it's even better!  This class is suitable for all levels.  This class is not on the schedule at this time.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi has been shown to improve balance, strength, the ability to shift one's weight, flexibility, posture, quality of sleep, as well as, provide stress relief and other benefits.

We will be offering a Tai Chi curriculum developed by Dr. Yang Yang, and taught by his student Bill Savage, that is distilled from the original Chen family style.  It will include the essentials and fundamentals for the Tai Chi form, qigong and meditation.  These three things, Tai Chi form, qigong and meditation, give us a complete practice offering the potential for health, physical and mental progress.  This Tai Chi/qigong practice is suitable for people with a wide range of physical conditions and abilities. The gentle and slow movements allow anyone to progress at their own pace.  Class is not offered at this time.